So it’s the first Monday in May and we know what that means, the Met Gala, colloquially referred to as ‘fashion’s biggest night out’. Interestingly not such a ‘big night out’ for the guests, some of whom have turned their backs on this big corporate mammoth, dishing on its awkwardness and how tiresome it has become.  With tickets for the dinner, hosted by Conde Nast’s Anna Wintour, sitting at $30,000 to $50,000 per ticket the ball raises more than $12 million for the Metropolitan…Continue Reading “Marvellous creations at The Met Gala 2018”

Children are curious little souls and ones that I certainly don’t begin to understand and would never presume to second guess. My husband and I like to travel and those that follow One Sunday on Instagram may be aware of this. We are quite fortunate in that we can jet off from time to time to some rather swanky destinations. This is not, I hasten to add because of any financial contribution on my behalf but rather through the fact that I married a super…Continue Reading “Travelling with kids and why sometimes you should leave them at home.”

‘You’re terrible Muriel’, how the STC’s Muriel’s Wedding the Musical stacks up. Everyone loves a wedding. Further to our previous article on good old fashioned family viewing here is one wedding not one to be missed. Muriel’s Wedding the film is a hard act to follow.  The Sydney Theatre Company’s Muriel’s Wedding the Musical has achieved quite possibly the unachievable. MOVE OVER PRISCILLA! Muriel is a story for anyone who has ever felt ugly, outcast, downtrodden or hard done by, so automatically, a strong following…Continue Reading “‘You’re terrible Muriel’”

The Future is Female, a short history of a saying. “The future is female” is a phrase that was used by Clinton supporters during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for the US presidency. However, the roots of the phrase go back some way to 1975 and come out of a very different source. In 1972, NYC first women’s bookstore, Labyris, opened. The founders wanted  the space to be “a hub not just for literature by women, but activism for them.”   The bookstore was more than a…Continue Reading “The Future is Female”

  So happy to have One Sunday ethical tween clothing on the Child Magazine Blog. Beautifully written by Karen Miles and shot by Bron Bates. Here is the article: I ugly cried for two hours last month watching The True Cost documentary. (Film synopsis: there’s a messed up farming and manufacturing system in place that’s keeping garment workers in poverty so some companies can sell us another pair of $20 jeans we don’t need.) My upset led me to write Fast Fashion, the lead story…Continue Reading “Child Magazine”

Family favourite, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, is still my go-to movie when I need a lift. The fact that is weighs in with a 12 years plus rating could possibly the best family movie of all time, provided your children are in the older tween bracket, if in doubt see the bbfc’s parent rating here.  This film is beautifully surreal, fabulously stylised and just look at that colour! Oh and did I mention an all-star cast including a few person favourites of mine, Bill Murray,…Continue Reading “Moonrise Kingdom – family favourite”

I have a friend who used to ring me in the morning and greet me with her sing song ‘Good Morning’! It used to drive me crazy, but now she works full -time and runs the house, kids etc.. and there isn’t much time for her morning phone call. I miss her and that morning call. Here’s to all the hard working peeps out there and making the space for the little things. xx

We love the story behind our clothes at One Sunday, we love our people, our cutters, our machinists, our finishers, all of whom are based here in sunny Sydney. It has been exactly one year since the terrible collapse of Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh, which killed 1133 people. To try and stop these sort of accidents in the future john the Revolution at Fashion Revolution Day which aims for greater transparency within the industry. Snap a photo of your self wearing your clothes…Continue Reading “Fashion revolution day – who made your clothes?”

  I have long been an advocate of kids going to live shows and this year at the Sydney Festival the little Sundays were in for a few treats. In particular Tom Flanagan’s Kaput was enjoyed by our little group young and old.  It is so fab when all ages can enjoy a production together. Kaput follows the pursuit of an extremely likeable chap in his attempt to show the audience a movie with disastrous results.  It is the shows simple construct that makes it…Continue Reading “Good old fashioned family fun”