I should point out that when I made up this recipe on holiday in a hilltown in Umbria back in 2001 I was so proud of it I could burst. I have since found out that lots of people had trod the path of the zucchini fritter prior to me! So the back story. We were on holiday in Italy with friends and two nine-month-olds. It should have been perfect and it sort of was apart from the fact the infinity pool was subzero in…Continue Reading “Henrietta’s zucchini fritters – Greens for teens and tweens continued”

Cabbage and Brussel sprouts is probably not a teens idea of a good time but rest assured this tried and true recipe will change all that. The combination of very finely shaved cabbage, apple, nuts and cranberries will win over even the hardened teen. Brussel sprouts long the whipping boy of vegetable world are so much better raw than cooked. Here’s how you do it. Very finely shave the Chinese cabbage and Brussel sprouts and toss together in a large bowl. It is important that the cabbage…Continue Reading “Shaved cabbage and brussel sprout salad – greens for tween and teens continued”

Chargrilled broccoli with chickpeas, almonds, lemon and chilli Ok so I know what you are thinking but trust me, I haven’t met a tween/teen who doesn’t hoover this up. And if the worst comes to the worst there will always be leftovers for your lunch tomorrow, for this reason, it is worth holding off on the squeeze of lemon until you are about to eat it, as it will keep longer.   Ingredients: 2 heads (1kg) broccoli, cut into florets 6 tbsp extra virgin olive…Continue Reading “Recipe One: Greens for tweens and teens”

Getting green food into kids can be challenging, in my own childhood I struggled with veggies, anything really broccoli, wilted spinach, those little yellow things we called squash, eggplant the list goes on.  The dinner times of my youth were a mixture of pleasure and pain, pleasure because our family ate together at the table and chatted and laughed and shared our days (I LOVE my family and I LOVED us all being together even more) and pain because my mother was an exceptionally healthy…Continue Reading “Greens for tweens and teens”