The Power of One, is it really so appealing? I have this little group, a group of other creatives and we meet from time to time to exchange and discuss ideas. We talk about our woes, our highs and our lows. Mostly we offer support and provide a sounding board to each other.  I have been working on my own for the past nine years, from a studio at my house in the burbs. Truth is I wouldn’t change it for the world but its…Continue Reading “The power of one?”

Ladies we need to talk. The other day I was chewing the fat with some girlfriends talking about the important stuff in life, kids, holidays, food… the usual and then our conversation turned to skin and more specifically the state of our skin (deep winter in Australia at the moment, so think dry, scratchy skin). After a compare and contrast on the state of our own skin, the conversation turned to friends with good skin and the following was said… ‘she has great skin and she…Continue Reading “she doesn’t even eat avocado​!”

I have a friend who used to ring me in the morning and greet me with her sing song ‘Good Morning’! It used to drive me crazy, but now she works full -time and runs the house, kids etc.. and there isn’t much time for her morning phone call. I miss her and that morning call. Here’s to all the hard working peeps out there and making the space for the little things. xx