Shaved cabbage and brussel sprout salad – greens for tween and teens continued

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Cabbage and Brussel sprouts is probably not a teens idea of a good time but rest assured this tried and true recipe will change all that. The combination of very finely shaved cabbage, apple, nuts and cranberries will win over even the hardened teen. Brussel sprouts long the whipping boy of vegetable world are so much better raw than cooked.

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Here’s how you do it.

Very finely shave the Chinese cabbage and Brussel sprouts and toss together in a large bowl. It is important that the cabbage is very finely shaved, too thick and your teen will find it a bit overwhelming.

Cut a granny smith apple into matchstick-sized pieces add to the cabbage mixture. Sprinkle salad with nuts of your choice, my preference would be, sunflower seeds, pepitas, pumpkin seeds and add dried cranberries to taste.

Drizzle with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Toss the salad really well, this is really important as you want to mask the slightly bitter taste of the cabbage with the oily dressing. Salt and pepper generously.

You will need

Half a Chinese cabbage

20 Brussel sprouts

Green apple

a selection of nuts

dried cranberries

olive oil

apple cider vinegar




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